Dear Karen advice column, the advice column helping you get the privilege you're entitled to | thumbnail Text- Dear Karen My McDonald’s burger was undercooked, so I asked to speak to the chef and threw his sad excuse for a burger in his face. I’m now banned from the local McDonald’s. Where did I go wrong? - Burger Bae

'Karen' Dishes Out Entitled Advice On Dealing With Incompetent McDonald's Chef

Advice from your local neighborhood Karen
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People reveal their "weird but life-changing cooking hacks" - thumbnail Text - Posted by u/leonardo-di-caprisun 1 month ago 12 2 What's your "weird but life-changing" cooking hack? For me, I have two. The first is using a chicken stock cube (Knorr if I'm feeling boujee, but usually those cheap 99p a box ones) in my pasta water whilst the pasta cooks.

People Reveal 'Weird But Life-Changing' Cooking Hacks

Brining out our inner Gordon Ramsey's
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Anthony Bourdain quotes

17 Top Quotes From The Late And Great Chef Anthony Bourdain

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chef funny tweets food roasted - 7457285

15 Times Chef Gordon Ramsay Roasted People's Food On Twitter

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