80 Funniest 'Women Roasting Men' Tweets| thumbnail Text - Pnonessential government oils2 @babadookspinoza The year is 2035. Marie Kondo holds up the condemned man to the crowd. "Does this man spark joy?" The crowd jeers, "No he does not!" She nods silently and throws him into the pit.

80 Funniest 'Women Roasting Men' Tweets

Hell hath no fury...
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funny memes for women only | thumbnail text - Maggie? Winters? @saggiesplinters answering the door for delivery, My life clothes me and shoes i can't afford

Funny Memes For Women Only

Ladies, gather round
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we rated the outfits from women in top wholesome Christmas movies and here's what we found | thumbnail Holiday In The Wild 4/10 Points added for simple and stylish, points deducted because the blouse is a little bit see- through. This is a Christmas movie, not Girls Gone Wild, Kristin!

We Watched Wholesome Christmas Movies, And Decided To Rate The Top Outfits

Women's outfits, rated out of ten
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funny sex memes for the sexually frustrated | thumbnail text - Me:I don't usually do this Also me: Him: why u don't hit me up no more Her:

Dirty Memes For The Sexually Frustrated

Painfully relatable
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10 "Normal" Dating Tactics And Traditions That Are Outdated And Toxic| Thumbnail Text - Hair - You don't need to kiss at the end of a date. A guy once forcibly kissed my face at the end. He said, "It's a date, you don't want a kiss?" No, dude. I don't want to kiss just because we're on a date. I don't owe you anything.

10 "Normal" Dating Tactics And Traditions That Are Outdated And Toxic

Let's break it down
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The types of guys who slide into Women's DMs | thumbnail picture of old man text - The Sugar Daddy He just wants to shower you in money, presents, and everything your heart desires. You're beautiful, and beautiful girls deserve the world. You don't even have to sleep with him. He just wants a harmless feet pic. You laugh at first, but then you reconsider. You could really use the money. All about the hustle. %24

The 9 Guys Who Will Inevitably Try And Slide Into Your DMs At One Point Or Another

Trying to embrace those annoying DMs
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memes about running late for when you're running late | thumbnail text - boss: you're 30 minutes late me: A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.  I overslept. It's 4:30 in the afternoon.

Memes About Being Late You'll Only Relate To If You're Never On Time For Anything

Memes About Being Late For Those Who Are Never On Time For Anything
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memes about marriage which can be appreciated in a couple | thumbnail text - Do you look at your man like this? No cause l'm to Busy looking at him Like this jimmy fallon O @jimmyfallon When I want pizza, I ask my wife, "What should we eat?" and say no to everything until she says, "What about pizza?" That way, it wasn't my idea.

Marriage Memes For Anyone Thinking Of Tying The Knot

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funniest women tweets we came across this week | thumbnail text - Mayor Tooliani @Toolie_xo ... Funerals are expensiveeeeeee. Please put me in an airfryer when it's my time. 5:59 PM · Jan 30, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 34.1K Retweets 3.4K Quote Tweets 193.9K Likes

12 Titilating Tweets By Woman And For Women

All hail funny women of Twitter
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funny letters of disappointment from women to the guys they've dated | thumbnail includes two letters - Text - Dear Abe, Thanks for telling me all the fun and exciting things you were going to do to me during the blandest sex of my life. The running commentary doesn't make the sex more interesting, it just makes it weird and uncomfortable. As did the pat on the thigh as you told me "that was amazing." TO THE Thanks, I think, GUYS Rach I'VE Kinda DATED Dear Amnan, I thought it was weird that you

Funny, Brutal Breakup Letters Women Wrote To The Disappointing Men They Dated

And that, my friend, is what they call closure
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roundup of the worst dates from this week | thumbnail text - He told me he was sorry he was 'off,' but he tried acid for the first This time last night and it made him feel like shit.

Roundup Of The Absolute Worst Dates People Went On This Week

Awkward dating stories from real people in New York City
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funny letters of disappointment from women to the guys they've dated | thumbnail includes two letters - Text - Dear “Boyfriend", You called me “homie" for the first two years because you "didn't believe in using the word girlfriend" and then ghosted me. My friends say I'm handling the break up well. TO THE Your "homie", Liz GUYS I'VE Kinda DATED Robert, You could have warned me before inviting your MOM to our FIRST date. Saying that your other dates "didn't mind it" is a lie! Obviously they frea

Funny, Brutal Breakup Letters Women Wrote To Their 'Disappointing Exes'

Helping women getting the closure they need
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Movie Couples That Just Needed Some Therapy To Survive| thumbnail text - woman

Movie Couples That Just Needed Some Therapy To Survive

Normalize couples therapy
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stories of cats being cock blocks - cover image picture of cat saying "I am the worlds cutest cock block" and story of cat digging up tampon from trash and killing mood

Cats Who Interrupted Their Owners From Having Romantic Relations

You might think it's easy to get some these days, especially with everyone desperate for human contact after lockdown. But it turns out that cat owners often encounter technical setbacks that the average person doesn't, which could stop them from getting lucky in the sex department . Together with The Single Society , we bring you real women's stories of times their cats did everything they could to stop their owners from getting laid , which, if you know a thing or two about kitties, isn't all…
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Misogynistic things real men actually said on a date | thumbnail pop art image of man and woman text - if you don't want your ass grabbed don't wear revealing clothing

10 Misogynistic Things Real Men Have Actually Said On Dates

Misogynistic Things Real Men Have Said On Dates
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Dumbest Things Guys Said On First Dates thumbnail pop art image man woman text - Women over 25 are too old for me!

Dumbest Things Guys Admitted On A First Date

Dating Nightmares: Dumb Things Guys Said On First Dates
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