Real Rude, Unwelcome Comments People Made To Pregnant Women

One thing a pregnant woman does not want is an unsolicited piece of advice about her pregnancy. From anyone. At any point. But, everyone always feels the need to give their two cents worth anyway because people are jerks. A Reddit thread asking for women to share their the rudest and most unpleasant things people said to them about their pregnancy revealed some genuinely shocking and heartbreaking responses. From meddling into their medical management to making insensitive comments about miscarriages, here is a selection of some of the things you should NEVER EVER say to a pregnant woman.

rude and unwelcome comments people made to pregnant women | thumbnail Text - mizrodeo 2.9k points · 5 years ago My husband and I announced that we were pregnant to the family this Easter. At the time I was 12 weeks along. Last October we lost our first pregnancy at 11 weeks and it was horrible! His grandmother had the nerve to respond " well, I mean, it's not as exciting as the first time you were pregnant but at least you're farther along than the last". I cried in the guest room
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