Woman gives husband ultimatum after not setting appropriate boundaries with woman at work | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/coworkerthrowaway999 2 days ago 8 7 98 E 14 AITA for telling my husband he is either married to me or his co-worker? Not the A-hole My (37f) husband (40m) has been working at his company for 10 years as a maintenance supervisor. About a year ago they hired Tabitha* to work in their accounting department. Since the day she first started working there, she has had an infatuation

Wife Gives Husband Ultimatum Because His 'Work Wife' Constantly Messages After Hours

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
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aita post | thumbnail text -  AITA for not accepting my new neighbour? I (38F) am part of a group of friends in my neighbourhood. We take turns hosting dinner parties between our households (5 houses out of 15 in our neighbourhood). One of our group recently moved out because her husband was cheating with his secretary. In the last month he moved her in and is acting as if everything is normal.

Delusional Man And Mistress Fuming After Being Excluded From Friendsgiving For Cheating On Wife

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for stealing my friend's bike back from his ex? Not the A-hole My friend went through a nasty break up with his ex, who he caught cheating on him. Problem is, he left his bike and a few other expensive items over at her place. She refuses to give the bike back, as it costed like 10k and she put it for sale on ebay.

Man Goes Undercover To Steal Back Bike From Friend's Cheating Ex-Girlfriend

What an amazing friend
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aita post | thumbnail text - Font - AITA for going to my dad's funeral against his widow's wishes? Not the A-hole So I'm the product of an affair. My dad's wife forgave him for getting my mom pregnant on the condition that she and their kids never have to see me or hear about me, and he couldn't see my mom. Even so, my dad was involved in my life right up until he died, and we were very close. After he died I contacted some of his family members (not his wife or kids, I didn't want to upset them

Grieving Wife Drags Man Out Of Husband's Funeral Because He Is His Secret Son From An Affair

Panic at the funeral home
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nice girl post | thumbnail text - I know that u re taken, but let me say: I really like you. Is there any way I can get a date or sum? 20:49 Dayum 20:49 I I'm sorry, but you just answered yourself: I'm taken 20:50 /

Woman Attempts To Convince Man To Ditch GF For Her, Hurls Insults And Slurs When He Rejects Her

Another nice girl that isn't as nice as she thinks she is
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exposing thirteen things men think women lie about| thumbnail text - Font - FancyJackets 6 years ago Everything! 1 Share ... seatbeltsniffer 6 years ago That they dont find "a holes" attractive. 1 Share ...

Men Reveal What They Think Women Lie About

"Women don't lie. They just have alternative facts"
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women discover man is cheating on all of them and break up his marriage as revenge | thumbnail text - Dear Christopher, I love how you were telling me I was the love of your life while snapchatting nude pics to both of my best friends. All 3 of us put top hats on your nude member and made fun of you in our group chat. то THE Hehe, Your girls GUYS I'VE Kada DATED

Twelve Women Discovered Sleazeball Was Cheating On All Of Them Through Instagram

Revenge tastes best when served cold
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Women Neglects To Tell Close Friend That She Used To Sleep With Her Husband| Thumbnail text -  r/AmltheAsshole u/LingLing88888 · 5h 3 1 AITA for not disclosing my sex life to the bride when I was a part of her wedding party? My friend "Abby" is beside herself and is having a meltdown over something that happened over 7 years ago, while we were in college.

Woman Neglects To Tell Close Friend That She Used To Sleep With Her Husband

What a good 'Friend'
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Man Refuses To Go To Brother's Gender Reveal Party After His Brother Get's His Ex Pregnant| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/ClearAsk616•9h + Join 2 3 e1 3 1 AITA for not going to my brother's baby shower/gender reveal with my ex girlfriend?

Man's Brother Got His Ex Pregnant, He Refuses To Go To Their Baby's Gender Reveal Party

The audacity is off the charts here
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woman writes hilarious explanation when someone asks why she's selling engagement ring on Facebook | thumbnail Why are getting rid 11h Like Reply Lisa J Sconey well Pam met this bloke about 3 years ago and thought he really nice, big soft giant, been hurt and cheated on bla bla bla going make happy so thought l'd give try being naive vulnerable person am and not realising everything he saying had happened him, is actually he had done his ex wife and all and before mother his children, im mug

Woman's Iconic Explanation For Selling Engagement Ring After Fiancé Cheated

Does she look like she cares
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nice girl claims to be loyal after cheating on her boyfriend | thumbnail text - I'm not like these other binehes. I got you, if you got me. I'ma ride or die for mine, there ain't nothing I wouldn't do for mine. I may not be the prettiest bNch on the block but if I say I got you then best beleive I got you!

Cringey 'Nice Girl' Claims To Be Loyal After Cheating On BF, Gets Roasted By Internet

Let's toast to an internet roast
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Thread about girlfriend suspicious of boyfriend for giving female friend a ride | thumbnail text - r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/throwawayact8x 4 hours ago AITA for having my friends boyfriend give me a ride? Background: Me (25F) and Abby (28F) have been friends for about a year. We've known each other much longer through mutual friends but have only had a separate relationship for this past year. She is currently dating Sam (33M). Me and Sam dated briefly three years ago and it ended really bad

Girlfriend Outraged Over Her Man Giving Female Friend A Ride During Medical Emergency

So much drama over nothing
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Delusional Man Refuses To Keep His Distance After He Cheats On His Wife And Gets Another Woman Pregnant| Thumbnail text -  r/AmltheAsshole u/Winter_Management717 · 14h 2 1 e 2 AITA for telling my former BIL that we are no longer family and neither is his child?

Delusional Man Refuses To Keep His Distance After He Cheats On His Wife And Gets Another Woman Pregnant

Forgiveness is not always a viable option
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Woman Ends Up In Weird Love Triangle With Husband And Lesbian Lover | thumbnail text - "After I left, he contacted her to get 'answers' and they ended up 'hitting it off."

Woman Ends Up In Weird Love Triangle With Husband And Lesbian Lover

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ruthf creepy tinder cheating challenge dating apps dating - 14830341

I Matched With Tinder Creeps With No Photo, And I'm Officially Both Scared And Appalled

No-photo profiles are exactly as gross as you think
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Woman Calls Her Sister A 'Homerecker' When Her Therapist Leaves His Wife For Her| thumbnail text - Posted by u/Mysisterissue 8 hours ago AITA For not going to my sisters wedding because she got with her fiancé when he was in a relationship?

Woman Calls Her Sister A 'Homerecker' When Her Therapist Leaves His Wife For Her

Talk about an abuse of power
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