Dating Nightmares: Women Reveal Worst First Dates With Cheapskate Douchebags

Ah, that awkward, age-old debate of who should pay on a first date. Some argue that splitting the bill is best, because hi, welcome to equality. Others believe that chivalry and feminism can peacefully coexist. They maintain that although a woman should always offer to pay her half, men are expected to decline the offer politely and insist on paying. But no one talks about secret option C, where the guy flat-out refuses to pay at all.

Together with The Single Society, we bring you stories from real women who went on dates with total cheap-ass douchebags. From those who refuse to leave a tip to those who try sneaking their own alcohol into bars, these stories reveal the worst type of men to go on a date with. Guys, frugality is not a cute look on a first date. Ladies, have you experienced cheap ass first dates?

stories of first dates with cheapskate douchebags - cover pic pop art pic of man look at empty wallet | l had a date at Starbucks, but when I arrived, the guy was already holding a cup of coffee from McDonald's. He told me Starbucks coffee was too expensive for him, so I had to wait in line to buy myself a coffee.
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