Winning Memes From The 2020 Emmy Awards

The world used to be a place where we experienced fun things in person. But now, the only experiences we can get are virtual ones, which means zoom birthday parties, weddings, and graduation ceremonies have, unfortunately, become the norm. Just because there's a global pandemic, it doesn't mean life should stop — all celebrations should carry on as usual (but via a screen), and award ceremonies are no different. The 2020 Emmy awards took place yesterday, in a slightly different format to usual. Jimmy Kimmel presented the awards all alone in the eerily quiet Staples Center in Los Angeles, with only cardboard cutouts of celebrities for company. Jennifer Aniston attempted to put out a trash can fire, and the awards were delivered to the winner's houses via interns in Hazmat suits. Of course, the internet went crazy, and the memes came pouring in. Here are some of the best.

best memes from the 2020 Emmy awards - Text Rachel Paige O @rachmeetsworld When the history books start writing about 2020 1 hope Jennifer Aniston putting out an actual garbage fire on live TV is included
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