adam levine cheating tweets | thumbnail text - Phillip MajorPhilebrity Adam Levine said SHE will be loved. Didn't specify WHO. Pay attention people! 8:48 PM. Sep 19, 2022. Twitter iPhone

The Best Tweets Poking Fun At The Adam Levine Cheating Scandal

Caught red-handed
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jennifer lopez and ben affleck memes | thumbnail text - Me Overthinking every word I said for days after I said them

Funny Bennifer Memes That Made Us Feel Seen

Bennifer forever
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tweets reacting to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson breakup | thumbnail text - arianators wildin @arianatorswildt pete davidson and queen elizabeth spotted together after pete's recent break up with kim kardashian

Funniest Reaction Tweets To Kim Kardashian's and Pete Davidson's Breakup

Thank u, next (Kim's Version)
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jack harlow thrist tweets | thumbnail text - tamara armstrong @tamaraclaire01 there's nothing Jack Harlow wouldn't be allowed do 12:11 AM Apr 5, 2022 Twitter iPhone

Twitter Is All Over Jack Harlow's Grammys Performance, Not To Mention Jack Harlow Himself

Jack Harlow has got it going on
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tweets about will smith slapping chris rock at the oscars | thumbnail text -

Funniest Twitter Reactions To Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At The Oscars

A historic slap
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Rihanna’s Pregnancy Looks That Have Taken The World By Storm| thumbnail text - Jeans, AVII

Rihanna’s Pregnancy Looks That Have Taken The World By Storm

No more fashion rules
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funny pictures of robert pattinson | thumbnail text - sarah ... @batsybabes INTERNATI IEDO ON TION Robert Pa 3:35 PM · Mar 13, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone

Just Pictures Of Robert Pattinson That Are Funny For No Reason (Twitter Thread)

Rob slays in every look
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How Anna Delvey Convinced The World She Was A Millionaire Through Convincing Fashion Choices| Thumbnail text - millions spent on her wardrobe, woman, glasses, plane

How Anna Delvey Convinced The World She Was A Millionaire Through Her Fashion Choices

It's about selling a look
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thirst tweets about robert pattinson | thumbnail text -  l?c @grimesbutpoor My boyfriend gasped little too loud Robert Pattinson shirtless 5:44 AM Mar 10, 2022 Twitter iPhone

'The Batman' Has People Thirsting For Robert Pattinson All Over Again

Robert Pattinson is looking dapper as ever
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twitter thread about childhood celeb crushes | thumbnail text -  bren ebrennanjacuzzi 11 thought he genuinely hottest person all time O new comeoy series THUT'S OHED ITS TIME PHIL PuL FUTURE DISNEY orIGinal CHANNEL SRI C OGL SEES weekenDs STartinG June 18 1:31 AM Mar 13, 2022 Twitter iPhone

People Reveal Childhood Celeb Crushes Who Were Their Sexual Awakenings (Twitter Thread)

The Disney Channel hotties had our hearts
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People's Real Thoughts On Celebrities| thumbnail text - beyonce probably smells the best

People's Real Thoughts On Celebrities

The truth comes out
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Realistic Get Ready With Me On An Average Day| thumbnail text - average day, realistic get ready with me

Realistic Get Ready With Me On An Average Day

Yes, I really do wake up like this
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askwomen post about which celebs give off mean girls vibes | thumbnail text - kendall jenner 1000%

Women Reveal Which Celebs Give Them Mean Girl Vibes

We just get bad vibes
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Fezco Is The Real Fashion king Of Euphoria, Here Are 6 Reasons Why| thumbnail text - boy, sweater

Fezco Is The Real Fashion king Of Euphoria, Here Are 6 Reasons Why

We all been sleeping on him
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thirsty thursday tweets about angus cloud | thumbnail text - baldgirlszn @peasssssssss Replying anguscloud Text babe hate men not baby light my life 7:30 AM Feb 9, 2022 Twitter Android

Twitter Is Thirsting Hard For Euphoria's Angus Cloud AKA Fezco

Welcome to another Thirsty Thursday , the one day a week when the Cheezcake ladies choose a hot male celeb to desperately thirst over. Unless you live under a rock, you know that Euphoria is so hot right now. Zendaya is the biggest actress on set, but there are other amazing actors and actresses that have captured our hearts and attention spans for an hour a week on the show. We previously celebrated Jacob Elordi , who plays Nate on the show. Even though his character is the sociopath villain o…
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Get Ready To Lose Yourself In Mom's Spaghetti (The Restaurant)| Thumbnail Text - Food - Eminem's new restaurant Mom's Spaghetti just opened in Detroit – and we want to lose ourselves in those noods

ICYMI: Eminem Lost Himself In Mom's Spaghetti (The Restaurant)

There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti... yum.
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