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Funny Tweets About Parents Being Busted By Their Kids

If you have kids, you'll relate to the fact that you're not really in charge. You might think you are, and you might act like you are, but our offsprings control our every move. Whether it's hiding our snacks from their wondering eyes and hands or concocting elaborate tales to throw away old toys in secret, parents hide more from their kids than kids hide from their parents. These funny tweets from parents being busted by their kids are accurate and relatable and make you realize who really runs the show.

funny tweets about kids busting parents | thumbnail Text - threetimedaddy @threetimedaddy 000 I would never ever deface a book by tearing out a page. NEVER. But my 3 year old has started noticing when I skip pages during his bedtime story so now l'm kinda tempted.
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