Funniest Tweets About Going Absolutely Crazy for Carbs

Leading a healthy lifestyle sounds easy in theory, but when it comes to the actual practice, it's not that simple. Fruits and veggies are pretty good, but carbs are objectively better, and this is a basic truth. How are we expected to cut down on pizza, pasta, fries, candy, beer, and more?! This healthy lifestyle demands too much of us, and the people of Twitter get the struggle. They share their deep relationship with carbs on a daily basis, and their thoughts couldn't be more relatable. Scroll down to spiritually consume all of the carbs... and inevitably physically consuming them yourself too. 

Funny tweets about carbs | thumbnail text - Joél Leon. ... @JoelakaMaG why have abs when you can have carbs instead? 12:53 AM · Apr 2, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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