Relatable Tweets About Cooking Burnout In 2020

2020 needs to effing end already. Staying at home all day has made every household task feel even more laborious than it ever was—especially cooking. That exciting phase of everyone making sourdough bread has long since lost its appeal, and now cooking has been reduced to *cook, eat, wash up, repeat*. I, for one, am over it. These relatable tweets about the cooking burnout we're all experiencing in 2020 hit the spot a little too well.

funny and relatable tweets about being tired of cooking in 2020 | brandon jinx big jinx @brandonjinx Man tired cooking bout just drink this bottle salad dressing and get bed 4:43 AM May 12, 2020 Twitter iPhone 51 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 359 Likes
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