Hot Girl Summer Is Secretly Sweaty Girl Summer In Disguise, So Don't Be Fooled

As hyped as we were for hot girl summer, we've slowly but surely realized that it's a trap. Like, how are we expected to look hot for hot girl summer when it's hot AF outside?! We look gross, we feel sweaty in every single body crevice, but we're still expected to look hot? These beauty standards are so ridiculously demanding. The people of Twitter have unveiled sweaty girl summer for what it really is, and they're not happy about it. Scroll down for the best tweets about sweaty girl summer. 

Sweaty girl summer tweets | thumbnail text - Catieosaurus ... @CatieOsaurus Today this lady in front of me in line at Target said "I'm not here for hot girl summer, Il'm here for sweaty bitch Sunday" and I can't stop thinking about her. 8:37 AM · Jun 20, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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