People Tweet Where Their High School Bullies Are Now In Life

Unfortunately, bullies and high school come hand in hand. Kids can be mean, but as we all know, those who bully others are only hiding their own pain inside. Although that doesn't make it easier at the time, what might help, years later, is knowing that your bully got some comeuppance in adulthood. For those who were lucky enough to sail through high school without being picked on, good for you! But for those of you who did get bullied, it might be worth finding out what adulthood has in store for them. Because these people are Tweeting what their bullies do now, and by the sound of things, karma has a way of making everything turn out just the way it should.

people tweet about what their high school bully does now - tweet saying bully got addicted to meth aged 40 years | Mad Catz Anal Steer @theschwasound Replying thetzechun Got addicted meth and aged like 40 years horrible remember prayed God during high school something bad would happen him and felt super guilty saw him 15 years later like "Whoa God meant like he didn't get job he wanted" 1:54 AM Jul 18, 2020 Twitter Android >
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