People Who Absolutely Hate Being Outside Rant Against 'The Great Outdoors'

I'm a pretty outdoorsy girl. I love hiking, working up a sweat, and setting up camp, and cracking open a cold one with my closest friends under the stars. The bugs may be a pain in the butt and my back might hurt the next day, but that's what bug spray and air mattresses are for. In the end, it's all worth it. Alas, not everyone on the internet has the same opinion as me, and unfortunately, they don't share the same passion for the great outdoors. The people of Twitter have never been shy about going on daily rants, and this week's topic of choice is why going outside absolutely sucks. Scroll down for these super honest and hilarious tweets. 

Funny tweets about hating outdoors | thumbnail text - nari !! @DETECTIV3DREAM when i say i want to go on vacation i don't mean the beach or a cottage in the woods, i mean another city like london, tokyo, etc. I HATE THE OUTDOORS and I would not want to spend time with bugs and getting my hands dirty 7:18 PM · Apr 13, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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