Dating Nightmares: Ridiculous Things 'Finance Bros' Said On Dates

Guys can be total douches. But nobody has douchebag capabilities quite like the finance 'bros' of NYC. What is a 'finance bro' you ask?

The NYC Finance Bro: (n) Typically works on Wall Street, reeks of male privilege, and boasts of his money and his (super-inflated) job title. Outwardly very confident, douchey, but are actually insecure and constantly trying to overcompensate for their shortcomings.

We teamed up with The Single Society to bring you the hilariously bad date stories with these fascinatingly douchey creatures. Enjoy!

bad dating stories about ridiculous things 'finance bros' said on dates | thumbnail includes pop art graphic of man holding money Text - Check out my big, thick, wallet We didn't have much when I was growing up. My dad made like $800k/year, but he had a wife and six kids. Back when I only made $800k. it was fine. but I onlv had mvself to take care of.
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