Bride wants to know if she's being a Bridezilla to tell her bridesmaid not to wear black shoes to her wedding | thumbnail text - Posted by u/inessathedruid 4 days ago S 2 AITA for insisting my bridesmaid not wear black shoes at my wedding Not the A-hole This is ridiculous. But I need someone to tell me if I'm being a bridezilla or not, because my fiancé, other bridesmaids/groomsmen are with me on this, but my sister and mother are making me feel like a complete a hole.

Bride Accused Of Being Bridezilla After Asking Bridesmaid Not To Wear Black Boots To Wedding

Bridezillas are notorious for being total nightmares when it comes to controlling everyone and everything surrounding their wedding. But sometimes, brides do make requests from their bridesmaids or anyone else in their wedding party regarding dress code, which might be reasonable. One bride posted on Reddit's Am I The A—hole asking if she was wrong to insist her sister, who was being her bridesmaid, not wear black boots to her wedding when the theme was beige. Bridezillas have given all brides…
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pictures of bridesmaids going crazy over bouquet toss - thumbnail pic showing two pics of bridesmaids fighting for the bouquet

Bridesmaids Who Have Zero Chill About Catching The Bouquet

Bridesmaids who REALLY want to catch the bouquet
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