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Most Painfully Uncomfortable Bride And Groom Moments People Ever Witnessed

Weddings are truly joyous occasions, but they are also notorious for being drama-prone events. Of course, everyone wants their wedding to go smoothly, without a hitch, and to be a day they remember for all the right reasons. But when emotions, budgets, and alcohol consumption is high, bridezillas and groomzillas (is that a thing?) come out to play. When that happens, you can almost guarantee there will be drama and tears, leaving the guests remembering the wedding for all the wrong reasons. Redditors revealed the cringiest things they ever saw a bride and groom do for their wedding, and by the sounds of it, the divorce bells will be ringing louder than the wedding ones.

people share the cringiest bride and groom moments they ever witnessed | thumbnail text - toxictribe 8 months ago · Bride shows up almost 2 hours late to her own wedding. Southern California in an open field no water no shade. She shows up and wants to get married in her yoga outfit. the groom shut it down and when she refused to change her clothes the groom decided to leave her looking stupid and they never got married.
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