'Scrooging' is the new ghosting - 7 People Spill The Tea| thumbnail text - "I was having a Christmas party and was going to 'debut' my new boyfriend who I had been dating for 4 months. On the day of the party, he just didn't show up. Didn't even say anything. Later I saw him on a mutual friend's Instagram story and we never spoke again."

'Scrooging' is the new ghosting - 7 People Spill The Tea

A festive way to swerve someone
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worst reasons people were dumped - cover pic story about being dumped for being tested for autism | chubbylilchicken had explained my boyfriend at time going get evaluated autism and he broke up with because would make him look bad and he didnt want do charity work.

Worst Reasons People Were Dumped

The truth sure does hurt
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What women wish they would have told their exes | thumbnail text - phoebelikescheese · 8h Your mother texted me and apologized that you don't know how to respect women.

Brutally Honest Things Women Wish They Would Have Said To Their Exes

I get texts from my exes when they want a second chance
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letters to my ex | thumbnail text - Dear Seth, When, after not telling me for 10 months that you still lived with your ex-wife, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and trusted you. I even introduced you to my kids. Seeing the venmo post from you to her for Good luck with your family. & was eye opening. Love, то THE Emily GUYS I'VE Kinda DATED

Funny, Brutal Breakup Letters To Exes That Were Shady AF

To all the shady boys we've loved before
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moments people knew their relationships were over | thumbnail text -  FREESHAVOCADO0 · 37m Relationship 1, when my other half said they'd always listen to their mother instead of me which meant we couldn't be in an adult relationship. Bye. Relationship 2, when the guy said he would always meet up with this girl he wanted to sleep with and there was nothing I could do about it. Oh, and he'd been stealing from his job, which I'd helped him get. Goodbye.

The Moments People Knew Their Relationships Were Definitely Over

So done
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People Reveal The Breakups That Left Them Totally Baffled | thumbnail text - hi-i-am-new-here · 4d Someone broke up with me in the middle of a lake on a paddle board. "I don't think it's working right now". Why would you wait until you're in the middle of the lake on a two person paddle board.

People Reveal The Brutal Breakups That Left Them Totally Baffled

Love hurts
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people reveal reasons why they had to dump someone because of their crazy family | thumbnail text - "Ex’s mom heavily recruited me to join her cult where you bow down — literally prostrate like head to the floor kind of thing — to a “guru” and donate $$ money monthly to fund this guru’s lavish lifestyle. Even my ex knew she was nuts but wasn’t willing to stand up to her."

People Reveal Why They Dumped Someone Because Of Their Crazy Family

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people share the petty reasons they dumped someone | thumbnail Text - joe heenan @joeheenan What's the pettiest reason you broke up with someone? I broke up with a lassie once cause she microwaved bacon 1:21 PM · Aug 18, 2020 · Twitter for Android 62 Retweets 164 Quote Tweets 1.4K Likes

Pettiest Reasons People Dumped Someone

Biggest ouch!
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funny breakup lines to use when you next dump someone | Text - giantcabbage_ 72.1k points · 22 days ago · edited 21 days ago O E O 4 a & 63 More They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. I hope you find someone who treasures you

Funny, But Savage Breakup Lines To End Your Next Relationship

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