the life and struggles that instagram boyfriends have to endure on a daily basis | thumbnail text - "Babe, you know that I’ll go to the end of the world for you, but are you sure you need me to hang off this boat to get this shot? Right of course, okay, just a bit to your left. Let me adjust my harness and... got it. Now help me up before I slip. Babe?"

The Struggles Instagram Husbands And Boyfriends Endure On A Daily Basis

What it's like for the man behind the camera
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relatable boyfriend memes for the love addicts | thumbnail text - when he's showing you a meme you saw three weeks ago but you love his excitement so you pretend when he's showing you a meme you saw three weeks ago but you love his excitement so you pretend

Boyfriend Appreciation Memes For Those Obsessed With Their Man

Lovey dovey alert
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'Scrooging' is the new ghosting - 7 People Spill The Tea| thumbnail text - "I was having a Christmas party and was going to 'debut' my new boyfriend who I had been dating for 4 months. On the day of the party, he just didn't show up. Didn't even say anything. Later I saw him on a mutual friend's Instagram story and we never spoke again."

'Scrooging' is the new ghosting - 7 People Spill The Tea

A festive way to swerve someone
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The cool girl | thumbnail text - 17h Girl having many male friends = no problem Girl having no female friends = major red flag

Here's What Guys Think About 'The Cool Girl' Who Only Has Guy Friends

Having no girlfriends is shady
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funny pics of men posing with their girlfriends' Etsy products - thumbnail includes three men posing in feminine clothes accessories

Boyfriends Completely Sick Of Posing For Girlfriends' Etsy Products

Boyfriends who are fed up
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pictures of the boyfriend arm pillow | women snuggling cuddling with a pillow shaped like a man's arm

The 'Boyfriend Arm' Pillow Is Way Better Than An Actual Boyfriend

For one, it will never cheat on you
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hilarious confessions lolz boyfriends girlfriends lol cheezcake funny - 6879237

These Boyfriends Reveal What They Do When Their Gf's Mad At Them And It's Brilliant

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FAILS crazy hilarious wtf instagram boyfriends lol cheezcake funny - 6391557

Boyfriends That Go Above & Beyond To Get The Perfect Picture For Their Girlfriends

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