Boozy Memes For Anyone Obsessed With Wine

If you're a true wine fan, then one glass of Rosé just doesn't cut it anymore. No way, Rosé. You need the hard stuff, especially since it's the end of the weekend and another Monday is looming in sight. They say a glass of wine at dinner helps prevent heart attacks (or something like that), but what about a glass of wine to help deal with your crazy boss, your demanding kids, or just general life when things get a bit too much? I'm not advocating alcoholism of course, but I am saying the winos know what's up. So pour a glass of your favorite wine, pull up a chair, and dig into this smooth collection of wine memes

boozy memes for anyone obsessed with wine | thumbnail text - "You cannot drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself" Don't believe me just watch veeeeee ... @va_dickens $20 bottle of $14 glass of wine wine at store at bar
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