People Reveal Funny And Ridiculous Reasons Celebrities Blocked Them On Social Media

Social media has allowed regular people like you and me to have access to and communicate with celebrities like never before. Gone are the days where the only way you could interact with a celebrity was by lining up for hours after a concert to try to get a glimpse of them. Nowadays, you can DM them on Instagram, have them retweet you, or even pay for a personalized video on Cameo. Sure, they might have millions of followers, but that doesn't mean that they don't see people's mean comments or get their feelings hurt, even if it's from a total stranger. But imagine being blocked by a celebrity!

people reveal the funny and ridiculous reasons celebrities blocked them on social media | thumbnail text - BonesyDekay 11 hours ago Jeffree Star once blocked me on MySpace because I kept leaving comments on his page saying things like "Hey man, great party last night!" to get random fans of his to send me friend requests. After maybe the third time, he responded angrily telling me to stop and blocked me from leaving comments.
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