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Funny Tweets From Parents Showing How Seriously Their Kids Take Birthdays

Birthdays are a big event when you're a kid. They only come around once a year and a year feels like a millennium to a young child. Some families put a lot of emphasis on them but it only makes kids have higher and higher expectations, which can be dangerous. But hey, it's pretty cute how they get so excited. Here are some tweets that showcase that exact energy and how parents struggle to handle it. 

Funny tweets from parents showing how seriously their kids take birthdays | thumbnail text - *sigh*clops @aotakeo ... My daughter turned 5 today. She is currently having a meltdown bc she "still looks 4" 7:12 PM Feb 7, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 194 Retweets 12 Quote Tweets 3,083 Likes
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