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Funniest Answers Parents Gave Their Kids Who Asked 'Where Do Babies Come From'

Every parent dreads the inevitable question all kids ask at some stage: "where do babies come from?" Because let's be honest, parents don't like the idea of their kids having sex, and kids most definitely don't want to think of their parents doing it either. So all-around, it's a pretty uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. But, it's one of those milestones that all parents have to go through, even though it doesn't always go as smoothly as they hope. And sometimes, it happens way earlier than parents intended to bring it up because kids are curious little f*cks. These hilarious tweets from parents whose kids asked them where babies come from will give you an insight into the more uncomfortable parenting moments.

funny tweets from parents answering their kids who ask 'where do babies come from | thumbnail text - Amanda Marcotte | Mediocre Mommy ... @storiesofamom Toddler: "Babies come from the baby store." Me:
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