Tweet Like Someone In The Bible: Funny Thread

Someone started a Twitter thread saying "Tweet like someone in the Bible," and people leaped at the chance to respond using GIFS, providing some of the best entertainment I've had for a long time. From Moses' look of despair upon coming down from the mountain to the devil's feigned innocence after making Eve eat fruit from the forbidden tree, if only they had GIFS in Biblical times. Scroll through some of the funniest responses and then go back and check the rest on the Twitter thread. You. Are. Welcome!

funny tweets from characters in the bible | Vamwe blaz @_avocadoO_T3 itsNyaWan Llove democzacy Moses he came down mountain Trallfoodboll Thefoorballtroll ScrappyMo pitied and Israelites worshiping another god | abby @abigail_kaputo itsNyaWan Jonahs wife hearing him explain why he hasn't been home three days because he swallowed by fish
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