Twitter's Dramatic Response To The Return Of 'Bennifer'

In case you have been living under a rock, you may have missed the MAJOR news that after seventeen long years one extremely iconic couple is back together. This couple is none other than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, or as we can resume calling them, 'Bennifer.' This is huge. There have been babies born since they broke up that are now deciding on colleges! They have been broken up longer than Grey's Anatomy has been on air! That's how long we've all been anticipating this.

If you want to share in on the excitement, here are some hilarious tweets about this celeb couple reunion.

Twitter's Dramatic Response To The Return Of 'Bennifer'| thumbnail text - Matt Gabriele @prof_gabriele listen, it was “Bennifer" last time. this time it's "Jenjamin" 10:06 PM · May 10, 2021 · Twitter for Mac 371 Retweets 26 Quote Tweets 4,814 Likes
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