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Beauty Blunder Of The Week: Best Of MulletFest 2020

We're back with this week's ridiculous beauty blunder, and it comes in the form of mullets. Yes, that's right, possibly one of the word's most divisive hairstyles and one that you thought died with the '80s. It may come as a shock to learn mullets are still very much alive today and is actually celebrated at an annual festival called Mulletfest. Taking place in Kurri Kurri, Australia, it is, according to the official website, "an event that honors the best Mullet cuts in various styles and categories, including 'everyday', 'grubby', 'ranga' (red hair), 'vintage', 'extreme', 'international' and 'junior'". 

You're probably like me and had no idea that so many mullet options existed. You learn something new every day. Photographer Craig Gibson from the UK attended the Mulletfest 2020 to document all of the best, aka worst contestants of this horrific hairstyle. Here they are for you to peruse. 

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