battle of sexes


Men Recall Moments In Which Women Did Them Dirty

As much as we sh*t-talk men and all the ways they did us wrong, apparently, there are women out there who have also acted like total f*ckboys towards the opposite sex, and I am super ashamed of these kinds of women. I mean, how can we expect guys to step up their game if we're setting the bar just as low? A Reddit user asked his fellow Redditors about times where they realized that 'nice' girls weren't actually that nice, and the responses are such a bummer. Come on ladies - get it together and do better! Scroll down for these cringe stories. 

reddit thread about nice girls who aren't actually that nice | thumbnail text - r/AskReddit - Posted by u/TheGame2526 17 hours ago Men what is your worst encounter with a "nice girl"?
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