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'Cheugy' is The New Basic, And We Officially Feel Old

In this week's episode of internet drama, 'Cheugy' has officially entered our lexicons, whether we like it or not. According to the New York Times, cheugy is a term that has gained popularity on Tik Tok, used to "describe someone who is out of date and is trying too hard." I'm out of date and trying too hard on a regular basis, so I guess I identify as cheugy now. And you know what? I'm okay with it. Twitter users are up in arms over the new term, coming up with their own idea of actions that are definitely 'cheugy,' or refusing to accept the new term altogether. Scroll down for their hilarious thoughts. 

Twitter goes crazy over the term 'cheugy' | thumbnail text - kelly andrew @KayAyDrew ... I read an article about the word "cheugy" at 3am in a half asleep delirium and was convinced l'd dreamt it but it turns out I have not and also it applies to half the women on my Facebook. 10:05 PM · May 2, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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