Album Covers of 1970s Swedish Bands With Ridiculously Outdated Fashion Choices

The 1970s was a time for men to make bright and bold fashion statements. Bright colors, long hair, impressive beards, and flares were all the rage and were even considered sexy. Madness, we know! And, like today, pop stars were the pinnacle of fashion statements. Check out these hilariously ridiculous album covers of 1970s Swedish bands which would have been considered super cool back in the day, but now look utterly daft. Makes us wonder what our great-grandchildren will have to say about One Direction... 

outdated swedish album cover 1970 funny pics bands hairstyles | Bennys "GOTT HUMÖR" PLATINA PALP 3068 STEREO Fobo: Conny lrehmer | Omega Pepita SLPX 17570 Stereo Mono
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