Stunning Dancers Practicing Out In The City Streets (20 Photos)

Amazing and gorgeous photos of dancers expressing their art in the middle of the street have been captured by Melika Dez. 

Dancing is a way of life, it is the freedom of movement. It's something you do not realize but do each and every day, even if you are not a dancer. Melika Dez, a portrait and choreography photographer, made a bold move and wanted to capture this feeling of freedom. She invited dancers to perform in the streets of New York, Paris, Montreal, and Rome and let them shine their freedom to the whole world.

The photographer took pictures of different forms of dance in the mist of the busy cities. Scroll below to see only some of the many she has captured...

More info: Melika Dez photography | facebook (h/t fubiz)

photos of dancers in the busy cities
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