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Women Demand Justice Against Balding Men Who 'Hatfish'

You've heard of the notorious catfish on social media and dating apps, but what about men who hatfish? For those of you who haven't heard of the term, let me enlighten you. Urban Dictionary defines hat fishing as a practice in which a man purposely deceives a potential romantic partner by wearing a hat to hide his rapidly receding hairline or completely bald head. It's like the male version of women being accused of wearing too much makeup in order to hide how they really look. The women of Twitter have recently become very wary of men practice this kind of dirty deception, and have taken to the platform to call them out. Scroll down for the best 'hatfishing' tweets this week. 

Funniest tweets about bald men who catfish and hatfish | thumbnail text - 雏菊 ... @12D20R98 I never noticed how receding all my coworkers hairlines are. like we are all always wearing hats or beanies but today we had a meeting and these mf's took their hats off and I was STUNNED. Next short people joke I get I'm making them cry. 9 10:25 PM · Mar 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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