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My Dating Nightmare: Guy Snooped Through My Diary After Awful Sex

One night stands can be a rather enjoyable pastime to an otherwise lonely evening. However, sometimes they don't go quite as planned, and spending the night at home with your cat would have been a far superior decision than lying naked next to a stranger after an awkward session of pleasureless 'love' making. But what good is a trainwreck sex story if no one is there to hear it?! That is why we teamed up with The Single Society to bring you these gloriously terrible dating mishaps such as this one, about a total creeper with absolutely no boundaries or manners to speak of. Enjoy!

pop art illustration of man smiling | THANKS FOR THE SEX EXCUSE ME WHILE I SNOOP AROUND YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS got out of shower Jack standing over dining room table where had my note pads Turns out he read my therapy journal
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