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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Blasting Music To Drown Out Neighbor's Loud Kids

Moving to a new house is always a roll of the dice regarding what type of neighbors you'll get. You might luck out and end up living next to people who respect your privacy, don't make a loud noise, and are friendly at just the appropriate level. Or, you might land yourself nightmare neighbors who make your life a misery. Unfortunately, there isn't any way of knowing until you've moved. One woman, whose new neighbors fell into the latter category — in the form of noisy kids, decided to take action and drown out the noise by playing loud music. She posted on Reddit's Am I the As*hole, asking whether she was in the wrong for doing so. 

woman wants to know if she's wrong to blast music to drown out her neighbors loud kids | thumbnail text - Posted by u/AITAthrowkidsstfu 3 months ago 2 AITA for telling my neighbour I will just blast music over her kids yelling Not the A-hole I (f26) moved into a new house that I purchased. My new neighbour a two days later came over to say hello and asked if we had kids. I said no and she pretty much said (not word for word) "oh I hope you don't mind all the noise mine make, they can get very lo
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