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Worst Advice To Give To A Virgin For Their First Time

If your school was anything like mine, you probably didn't get much sex-ed in school. I vaguely remember mine consisting of our biology teacher standing awkwardly at the front of the classroom, pointing to diagrams of the male and female anatomy, clearly wishing the floor would swallow her up. The rest was down to our self- discovery and whatever rumors we heard that week. Some real education about healthy sexual relationships would have been useful because, as a teenager and young adult, you are vulnerable to pressures and expectations. A funny AskReddit thread asking people for the WORST advice you can give a virgin for their first time highlights how damaging the porn industry is on healthy sexual expectations. And, in turn, the amount of misinformation and dangerous messages young people are receiving about sex.

worst pieces of advice to give to a virgin for their first time - cover pic | nickmuscle if they're a guy: go fast! For a girl: use your teeth
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