Guys All Women Encounter When Backpacking

Let's take it back to happier times, before the Big, Bad Rona. After four months of backpacking through South America, I have become quite the expert when it comes to the backpacking male species. Every new destination brought new guys my way. Of course, I inevitably fell in love with all of them.

Because I'm like, such a good friend, I feel that you should prep yourself before you wreck yourself (or before they wreck you), and have compiled a list of men boys you'll encounter during your travels.

To All the Boys (Who Backpack) I've Loved Before: this list is dedicated to your dumbasses. 

Guys women meet when backpacking | thumbnail includes picture of shirtless man Text - While you may have come to explore new cultures, the Man Whore is here to explore new women. His sole purpose on his travels is to rack up his hookup count, so the constant movement of backpacking is perfect for his lifestyle. New cities mean new titties. The Man Whore is a gorgeous specimen, which is why he's so successful at what he does.
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