baby fever


Baby Fever: Simple Reminders Of What You're In For (Tweets)

If you're a woman, sometimes your ovaries will scream "WANT!" at you, when you come across a cute baby. That is known as baby fever. 

However, sometimes, you're not ready for such a thing and need to be reminded of that. So, we're here to save you. 

You're quite welcome.

Here are 19 tweets that will help you remember that kids are not always as magical as Instagram portrays them to constantly be! Here is the real, unspeakable side to parenting. 

funny tweets kids babies baby fever parents parenting lol twitter relatable | Steve @papaneedscoffee 2y.o eating his lunch Papa's coffee hot Yeah baby 's hot, don't touch 2y.o blow on Papa at this point witnessed with horror, my 2y.o attempt blow on my freshly made coffee, only spit half eaten chicken nugget straight into 164K 4:09 PM Jan 28, 2020
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