New Dad Snaps After Getting Shamed For Changing Baby On Starbucks Table| Thumbnail Text - Product - AITA for calling a woman in the supermarket a creep? Today I took my 3 month old twins to the supermarket by myself while my wife had a day to herself. While shopping my daughter pooped, and I mean she POOPED. There's no changing tables in the men's room and there was no family bathroom. I went to the Starbucks in the store and asked if I could change her on one of the tables in the back

New Dad Snaps After Getting Shamed For Changing Baby On Starbucks Table

Best to keep your nose out of stinky situations
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Insane Mother Claims Her Daughter-In-Law's Breast Milk Is 'Polluted' Because She Has Sex| thumbnail text - osted by u/thjg68 20 hours ago 2 5 e 3 2 AITA for not letting my MIL babysit my daughter? Not the A-hole

Insane Mother Claims Her Daughter-In-Law's Breast Milk Is 'Polluted' Because She Has Sex

A new level of crazy
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wholesome things that make women smile | thmbnail text - chonk kitties

14 Wholesome Things That Make Women Smile No Matter What

These are a few of or favorite things
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funny tweets from parents answering their kids who ask 'where do babies come from | thumbnail text - Amanda Marcotte | Mediocre Mommy ... @storiesofamom Toddler: "Babies come from the baby store." Me:

Funniest Answers Parents Gave Their Kids Who Asked 'Where Do Babies Come From'

The birds and the bees talk every parent dreads
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People Describe Hilarious Childbirth Stories| Thumbnail text - leave_no_tracy 2 years ago Three days after giving birth I decided to take a walk with my baby. Went down hill to a park and everything was fine. On the way back I just couldn't walk up the hill. Tried several times before calling an Uber to drive me five hundred feet to my house. 55 Give Award Share Report Save

People Describe Their Funny Childbirth Stories

Spoiler, babies don't come out lookin' too cute
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funny pics of babies who looks like old people

Babies Who Were Born Looking Like Angry Adults

It's a Benjamin Button Thing
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What women hate being asked | thumbnail text - Kitty1339 · 5h "your boyfriend let's you go out looking like that?" At the beach, night clubs or even just out. My boyfriend doesn't care and I don't ask permission

Nosy Questions Women Are Sick And Tired Of Being Asked

STFU already
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dad creates funny list of all things you can do while holding a baby | thumbnail text - Eating "What parent can honestly say they've never eaten a crumb off their unsuspecting child's head? Especially if the kid is sleeping peacefully— it's a victimless crime. Plus, you're directly responsible for how clean your child is so the 5-second rule just got a whole lot of leeway."

Dad Creates Funny List Of How To Hack Basic Life Skills While Holding A Baby

Parenting hacks 101
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Parents Discuss Times They Really Thought, 'Damn, My Baby Is Ugly'| thumbnail text - justasmucho • 15h As a mom of 2, my babies looked like weird misshapen potatoes. Puffy eyes, cone heads, squished ears. Newborns are weird looking. 6 Reply 1.1k ...

Parents Admit Times They Really Thought, 'Damn, My Baby Is Ugly'

It's okay, you can admit you thought it too
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pictures of creative pregnancy announcements | thumbnail includes two pictures of pregnancy announcements couple eating spaghetti with prego sauce | and woman eating for two while man drinks for two

Creative, But Weird Pregnancy Announcements

Making the big revalation in style
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funny cartoon of sleeping baby crying every time it's picked up

Animation Gives Relatable Insight On How High Maintenance Babies Are

Have a kids they said. It will be fun, they said
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Creepy ugly Renaissance baby paintings | thumbnail includes two pictures of babies Madonna and Child by Mantegna

Renaissance Artists Painted Really Creepy, Ugly Babies

Honey, I shrunk the kids (Renaissance style)
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funny birth control tweets | thumbnail Text - Molly Priddy O @mollypriddy women: *grow up knowing sex is their responsibility, take birth control pills that mess up their bodies, get incredibly painful IUDS, avoid dark areas at night and problem men, all to avoid getting pregnant before they want* men: "ugh she wanted me to wear a condom"

Funny Birth Control Tweets To Laugh The Breakouts Away

All things baby prevention
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pictures of babies faces while pooping

A Collection Of Funny Baby Pooping Faces

We feel their struggle
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pictures of celebrities when they were babies vs now - cover pic beyonce when she was a baby and today

Pics Of Celebs When They Were Kids

Time does wonders...
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funny twitter thread on why babies are problematic - cover pic ash @ARTSHL3Y 3) they especially prey on women. women lose sleep, their own BODILY FLUIDS, and sanity all just these misogynists are still allowing and supporting this 7:00 PM May 9, 2019 Twitter iPhone

Satirical Twitter Thread About Why Babies Are Problematic

The anti-baby movement is real
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