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People Reveal Brutally Honest Reasons They Left Their Partners Because Of Sex

Sex is a kind of a big deal, especially in a relationship. A couple's sexual compatibility is just as important as their emotional and physical connection, and it's not something people should compromise on. I'm not saying you have to be into the same stuff necessarily, but if there is respect, communication, and open-mindedness, then a sexually fulfilling relationship is possible. But sometimes, even with all of that, it's not enough. If you've ever had to break up with someone because the sex was that bad (definitely speaking for a friend here), then you'll empathize with these people. Redditors shared the reasons they ended a relationship over sexual incompatibility, although it seems like 'cheating' is being used synonymously with 'incompatibility,' and I'm confused.

people reveal why they broke up with their partners over sex | thumbnail AtLeastNineToes 3 days ago He lasted like 30 seconds and went soft while the condom was still in, so I had to pull out the slimy sucker myself lol
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