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flirting memes | thumbnail text - if u were triangle u would be acute one 3 P.P. C

The Best Awkward Flirting Memes We Saw This Week (October 10, 2022)

If you were a triangle, you would be acute one
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flirting memes | thumbnail text -  Me flirting in the class: "So what school do you go to?"

Funny Memes About The Awkward Art Of Flirting

We're all just awkward turtles
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When I Found Out My Date Was Actually Married' | thumbnail text - Author Abby Jimenez @AuthorAbbyJim How do extroverts know when to leave a party if they don't have an introvert with them telling them it's time to go? Do they just stay and make eggs for everyone in the morning? Rent their guestroom? Marry into the family? I have so many questions.

Introvert Memes For People Who Are Exceptionally Comfortable In Their Shell

Social anxiety for the win
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Guy Married His Best Friend As A Joke, But Then Freaks Out After Falling Madly In Love| thumbnail text - Posted by u/HugTheHusband 4 days ago O 30 (F5 (47 2 40 TIFU when I fell in love with my wife M

Guy Married His Best Friend As A Joke, But Then Freaks Out After Falling Madly In Love

It was a good joke
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awkward moments in life that are painfully relatable | thumbnail text - Falling in front of your crush The only thing more uncomfortable than falling down a storm drain is falling down a storm front of the guy you like! So awkward when he has to call the police to get you out and it's a whole to-do.

Awkward Moments In Life Which Are Painfully Relatable

Those everyday embarrassments
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Fifteen Tell-Tale Signs That A Man Is Overcompensating For his Insecurities| thumbnail text - jhope71 • 45d · Female If he claims to be an "alpha male" - dude, if you have to tell people (loudly and often) that you're alpha, you are definitely not. G Reply 1 2.0k 3 ...

Fifteen Tell-Tale Signs Which Show A Man Is Overcompensating For his Insecurities

Beware of the 'one-r up-ers'
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people reveal the most awkward things someone said to them just after having sex | thumbnail text - collegit 1 day ago I hooked up with this girl in undergrad. Immediately after we finished, she rolled off top, put her head on my chest, and said "I'd give you an 8/10. What would you rate me?"

People Reveal The Most Awkward Thing Someone Said To Them Right After Having Sex

Good sex isn't just about the act itself ; the nuances before and after can help determine whether you have a positive sexual experience. From engaging in foreplay before sex to having good pillow talk after, it all adds up. Some people don't quite understand the social rules of post-sex conversation, however, and it turns out that it's pretty easy to kill the mood once sex is over with one short sentence. Redditors share some of the most awkward things a partner has said to them immediately po…
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Memes About Millennial Struggles That Generation Z Will Never Comprehend| thumbnail text - oliviaa @livvy_B... · Mar 30, 2018 •.. The thought of wearing low rise jeans actually makes me want to vomit 27 15 83

Memes About Millennial Struggles Which Generation Z Will Never Understand

The struggle is real
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women's stories of funny moments in the delivery room - cover pic while I was in labor, my fiance asked doctor if he could hook up his xbox while waiting for me to push

Women Reveal Their Funny And Ridiculous Delivery Room Moments

Not exactly how labor is supposed to go
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'Southern Gentleman' Calls The Mother Of His Child A C*** On First Date| thumbnail text - I finished up my drink pretty quickly because any 'gentleman' who would use that word ESPECIALLY on a first date is not the one for me.

'Southern Gentleman' Calls The Mother Of His Child A C*** On First Date With New Woman

Not the best first impression
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The Most Unprofessional Things Doctors Actually Said To Their Patients| thumbnail text - coffeesneeze86 • 14h My husband has an inverted cross tattooed on his back. 20ish years ago, seeing a doc for chronic back pain, he was told the pain he felt was probably his punishment for the tattoo. 6 Reply 4 123

The Most Unprofessional Things Doctors Actually Said To Their Patients

Boundaries, Doc, boundaries
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awkward things people said during sex that killed the moment - thumbnail | Text - Master_Coke27 142 points · 7 hours ago She said "Angel don't stop" That's her brother's name Went home after that

Strangest Things People Said During Sex, Killing The Mood

'First, let's pray'
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picture day backstreet boys puberty Reese Witherspoon awkward moments middle school cringe Awkward john mulaney john oliver puberme celeb high school conan obrien nick kroll Celebrity Edition cringeworthy - 15527685

21 Awkward Celebrity Puberty Photos From #PuberMe Challenge

The Best Cringeworthy Celebrity Throwbacks
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Wedding Moments That Made It Achingly Obvious It Wasn't Going To Work Out| thumbnail text - MyHandleisHandle · 1y When the priest equivalent said "You may kiss the bride" she turned so that it would be a kiss on the cheek. Even as a child that set off alarm bells. They have been divorced for a long time. 1 3.1k ...

Wedding Moments That Made It Achingly Obvious It Wasn't Going To Work Out

That awkward moment when there's no love in the air
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Painfully Awkward Flirting Attempts Dodged By Women| Thumbnail text -

Painfully Awkward Flirting Attempts Dodged By Women

Sometimes people still miss 100% of the shots they do make
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people who embarrassed themselves on the internet in really awkward moments | Text - If you were 32 weeks pregnant, and your spouse posts a meme in a private group that you're not in, that says "I only date antivaxxers because you only have to pay child support for 8 years instead of 18" What would your thoughts be? He says it's not about me

Awkward Moments Which Take 'Awkward' To A New Level

People Embarrassing Themselves On The Internet
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