Eight Guys To Avoid On Valentine's Day

Since we established the wonderful concept of Galentine's Day, being single, flirty, and thriving never looked better. After all, brunching, baking, and boozing with the homies is quite the ideal way to spend your Sunday Funday. Within the warm embrace of your best buds, you may think you're safe and sound from the wrath of disappointing men, yet you would be oh, so wrong. Given today's modern forms of communication, if these men want to find you on Valentine's Day, rest assured, they will find you. And if you let them back into your cold heart, they very well might kill you too.

Certain men that will slide into your DMs on V-day are of a different breed. And not in a good way. As the great Lil Wayne once passionately rapped, "love is in the air, so I hold my breath till my face turns purple." Best to hold your breath, lock up your heart - not to mention all your doors -  and avoid the following men like the plague.

eight men to avoid on valentines day | thumbnail The Wild Child His energetic, youthful personality is what initially draws you in, but slowly but surely, you realize it's a trap. He never wants to grow up, and as a result, he'll never be ready to grow with you. He loves the idea of love, but he loves his bed, binge-drinking, and buddies more.
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