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Funniest Instagram Tweets For The Aspiring Influencers Of The World

Many Instagram influencers out there make some serious bank, but that doesn't stop us from making fun of them from time to time. It's pretty clear that they set unreasonable expectations for not only their followers but also for themselves. While they definitely glamourize the aesthetic of our feeds, there are some days we can definitely do without them. At the same time, becoming an Instagram influencer and living out these bod and boujee fantasies looks like it would be pretty darn good too. If you're an aspiring influencer or just another internet troll who gets a kick out of making fun of the influencers on Twitter, scroll down for the best Instagram tweets from this week. 

Funny tweets about the instagram aesthetic | thumbnail text - How I Met Your Maddy @Maddywithay1470 I've eaten a salad for lunch every day this week so basically I'm an Instagram influencer now. Sorry I don't make the rules. 6:49 PM · Apr 16, 2021 from Buffalo, NY · Twitter for iPhone
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