husband misses birth of child, blames his wife and gets roasted | thumbnail AITA not trying harder tell my husband labour? Not hole My husband who do love and does love Is distant and private person everyone. His mom having health problems and didn't know until weeks later spike her asked him she doing later and he said he didn't know just he deal with things. He doesn't want get personal with anyone share hobbies and can have good conversations as long as they are not personal can be off

Husband Misses Birth Of Child, Blames Wife, Gets Roasted

He literally had one job
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brother accuses sister-in-law of cheating because she starts wearing makeup, husband goes insane | thumbnail Font - Posted by u/throwaway47757954325 5 days ago 3 8 8 2 67 285 3 78 79 AITA for calling my brother an "insecure, testicle grabbing, chauvinist man-baby" over his comments about my wife's makeup? Not the A-hole That's the actual quote. I'm still pissed as hell but maybe I went too far here. My brother and I are both late 30s. We get along fine most of the time, but my brother doesn't do

Guy Accuses His Brother's Wife Of Cheating Because She Started Wearing Makeup

Projecting, much?
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guy jealous of girlfriend's better paying job | thumbnail Text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/throwaway862610 3 hours ago AITA for being frustrated that my girlfriend doesn't work hard at her job and gets paid nearly twice as much as I do? My girlfriend and I both work in tech, she's a safety validator for software, working at a consulting firm, and I'm doing network infrastructure support. When we both worked in different offices I didn't know much about her day to day life at work.

Guy Gets Slammed For Being Jealous Of GF's 'Easier', Better Paid Job

Jealous much?
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internet loses it with dad who makes daughter do chores in return for cost of sanitary products | thumbnail AITA for expecting my daughter to do chores

Dad Makes Daughter Do Chores In Return For Menstrual Products, Internet Totally Loses It

Wow people like this actually exist
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man refuses to tip waitress friend who won the lottery, she gets mad | thumbnail text - Posted by u/newton559 6 days ago 2 S AITA for not tipping my waitress friend who won $20,000 from lottery Asshole My friend works at a restaurant that I visit from time to time. Every time I eat or with other friends, she would serve our table. She recently won $20,000 from powerball. It's all she could talk about since then and she's ecstatic about it.

Waitress Pissed At Friend Who Refuses To Tip Her Because She Won The Lottery

Waiters and waitresses rely heavily on tips to supplement their wages; it's just a fact of life. Unfortunately, that's the way the industry is, and we all know it needs to change. But until that happens, if you can afford to eat at a restaurant , you can probably afford to leave a tip for your wait staff, especially if they've done a good job. But some people take it upon themselves to determine whether or not their server needs a tip without really knowing their circumstances. You can learn a…
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The Moments Women Realized They Were Dating Absolute Jerks | thumbnail text - 1deboo · 18h When I asked him to buy me some tampons. I asked him where he put it and he said "in the cabinet" so I looked through all the cabinets in my apartment and stupid me realized that there's no tampons. I asked him if I was looking for nothing and he sent me a smiley face with a halo on top. I was done completely. That night I went to bed early, peacefully.

The Moments Women Realized They Were Dating Absolute Jerks

That lightbulb moment
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Man Charges Ex-Wife For Asking Him To Miss Work And Watch Their Kid On Her Custody Day | thumbnail text - Posted by u/Agitated-Split-3862 1 day ago AITA for charging my ex to babysit our kid? Not the A-hole I have a custody and child support agreement with my ex for our 5F (Sumara) that has been unchanged for the past 3 years, since our breakup. Personally, I've never missed anything, never been late. I adhere to the agreement to the tee. I make sure everything else in my life will agree with ou

Man Charges Ex-Wife For Asking Him To Watch Their Kid On Her Custody Day

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man asked his girlfriend to smile less widely in photos and gets roasted | thumbnail Text - r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/SmileThrowaway77 22 hours ago A2 2 2 4 e 3 4 2 9 4 AITA for asking my girlfriend to stop smiling so widely for photos? Asshole I (43m) met a woman (34f) online several months ago. We began talking and we really it off. She's a really pretty woman, but she does have a slight flaw to her physical appearance; she has a bad case of TMJ which makes it so that when she gives a big

Man Trolled For Asking Girlfriend To Stop Smiling So Widely In Photos

Yes, sir, you are the a—hole
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couple steal thunder at nieces birthday party by making pregnancy announcement | thumbnail Text - AITA For arguing with my brother's wife after she announced her pregnancy at my daughter's birthdays party? Not the A-hole Hi. I'm a 37 year old mom. First off let me start by saying that my 13 year old daughter Maya was suffering from blood cancer and it was incredibly hard on her because of how weak she was. We'd seen some pretty awful days. I was exhausted I had zero strength to handle it. It was

Couple Announce Pregnancy At Sick Niece's Birthday Party, Stealing Thunder

Some people are too much
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husband refuses to look at wife's boudoir photos and intenet calls him an asshole | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/thorwayayawn 13 days ago 3 AITA for telling my wife I don't want to look at her boudoir photos? Asshole My wife is two years older than me. She's 41 now and I think she knows that she's been aging. Even though she takes reasonably good care of herself, it's pretty stark how she looks and how everybody else in our group of mid to late thirties people look.

Husband Refuses To Look At Wife's 'Desperate' Boudoir Photos, Internet Scolds Him

The definition of an a**hole
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man refuses to give pregnant woman his seat on bus because he had a long day at work | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/myfeetfuckinghurt 13 days ago AITA for not giving up my seat to a pregnant woman? Asshole So last night I'm on the bus, and a very heavily pregnant lady gets on. She looks around for a seat, only to find there are no available ones left. I'm the closest to her, so she starts giving me the imploring eyes. I had my headphones on and tried to pretend I couldn't see her, but once she s

Man Refuses To Give Pregnant Woman Seat On Bus, After Long Work Shift

He sounds like an overall great person
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funny memes of Jesus being a jerk | thumbnail picture of jesus with dentist text - Ticke, tickle, tickle! OMG Jesus stop!

Funny Sketches Of Jesus Being A Total Jerk

The darker, more annoying side to Jesus
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man wants to know if he's the asshole for not wanting to move in with his pregnant GF of 8 months | AITA not letting my girlfriend move with despite her being pregnant dated eight months before she got pregnant. She's currently 14 weeks and has decided keep baby. sill feel our relationship is too new us move together even though going be parents like her lot and can see lot potential this relationship, but just not sure yet where see us long term. Moving together doesn't feel right at this point

Man Thinks It's Too Soon To Move In With Pregnant GF, Causes Uproar

Don't be a fool, cover your tool
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