Guy Trapped In Bedroom For 12 Hours, Hiding From GF's Parents

I distinctly remember being a teenager and making up all sorts of lies and excuses to my parents, so I could sneak out and see my boyfriend at the time. Although we would only hang out in his car or the park, the thrill of knowing my parents would disapprove of him made it all the more exciting, and I was more willing to take risks to see him. That's just the way teenagers are wired (right?), and I know I wasn't the only one doing it. All my friends had a secret older boyfriend at some stage or another. But at some point, the risks are not worth the rewards when it comes to sneaking around to see your sweetheart. One guy painfully learned this lesson after getting stuck hiding in his girlfriend's bedroom for 12 hours, so her strict parents wouldn't see him. He documented the whole saga on the popular subreddit, TIFU (Think I F*cked Up). Check it out below; it's a fantastic tale of endurance, and it's pretty funny too.

guy stuck in girlfriends bedroom for 12 hours hiding from her parents | Posted by u/sugohfu 3 months ago ?2 3 6 2 7 TIFU by hiding my girlfriend's room her strict Asian parents suddenly came home Long time Reddit reader, first time making an account because am currently stuck my girlfriends room while she and her family are having dinner downstairs haven't eaten since morning nor showered and need take sh't.
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