female artist love illustrations Instagram meaningful connections encouragement not really strangers | dear universe i trust you

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Encouraging Daily Meaningful Connections

Plastering words of encouragement over public spaces
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female artist dating comic illustrations instagram funny satire relationship boys girls couple dating cartoon | 8-ball HE TEXTED DOES MEAN? LOL, HE'S BORED AS HELL. 8. evisktchi | NOT READY SETTLE DOWN YET @violetelain old man with a walker

Female Artist Of The Week: Illustrator Brings Bad Dating Experiences To Life Through Comics

It's not you, it's me...
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New York behind photography city jacket coat message pedestrians artist street art behind instagram | Native not today Satan jean jacket | colorful rainbow colored outfit

Bright And Colorful Pictures Of New Yorkers From Behind

Documenting NYC one quirky coat at a time
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artist carving fruit veg Instagram vegetables food art intricate skill sculpture | watermelon carved in the shape of a red and white skull and avocado carved as a head of an alligator lizard

Artist Creates Incredible And Intricate Carvings In Fruits And Veg

Turning food into works of art
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funny comics twitter artist humor tweets ettherich | found drugs our son's bedroom, talk him ok so mom's narc instagram eattherich_comic

A Bunch Of Dark But Chuckle-Worthy Comics

Making fun of every day situations
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instagram artist photoshop historical figures female royalty past today history | Mona Lisa original painting and how she would look like in modern times with straightened hair and makeup

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Bringing Historical Figures To Life With Photoshop

How royalty from the past would look today
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Instagram food meryl street combining mashup funny artist female funny pics pictures celeb celebrity | meryl streep dipping in a bowl of mac and cheese and a sushi roll

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Combining Your Favorite Foods With Photos Of Meryl Streep

Try not to get star struck (or too hungry)
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artist instagram photo mashup combine photography art artist funny picture combo | photoshop edit woman in a white dress as a lighthouse | banana snake

Artist Creates Photo Mashups Making Everyday Objects Into Art

Instagram account making you double-take
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artist instagram national park funny graphic design reviews yelp sarcasm satire poster | LOOKS NOTHING LIKE License Plate | THE ONLY THING DO HERE IS WALK AROUND DESERT shadowy cactus tree in front of a sunset sky

Female Artist Of The Week: US National Park Posters Based On One Star Yelp Reviews

Apparently Americans are hard to please
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instagram millennial poetry quarter-life crisis poem funny satire artist | My friend caught up about she's been doing but already knew through my Instagram viewing crystal ball | my dear grandmother's eyes my situation's dire must find virile mate before my eggs expire bird's nest

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram With Funny Quarter-Life Crisis Poetry

Poetic snippets of real life
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instagram relationships life cartoons funny women single couple life but like maybe artist sketch doodle drawing | WILL HE TEXT ESTIMATION CENTER EST. 2020 AW MAN 2-3 WEEKS | HE MADE VAGUE REFERENCE FUTURE!

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Cartoonist Of Millennial "Life And Stuff"

Way too relatable!
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historical paintings disney characters art artist carlos gromo | american gothic grant wood 101 dalmatians roger and anita holding puppies | gustav klimt the kiss with belle and the beast from the beauty and the beast

Artist Re-Imagines Disney Characters As Historical Paintings

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instagram cake art artist australia beautiful design artist baking buttercream

Cake Artist Creates Beautiful Cakes By Painting With Buttercream

Are these art or food?
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instagram, empowering, self love, artist, recipe, women, feminism, sexuality, beauty, self care, mental health | art illustration NEVER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT FEELINGS |  SOMEONE ELSE'S BEAUTY IS NOT ABSENCE OWN

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Serving Daily Recipes for Self Love

Reminders of how to care of yourself
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Instagram, funny, satire, existentialist, dread, artist, funny, dark humor, depressing | naked woman lying on her belly on a white furry blanket: i'm better off without me

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account 'Texts From Your Existentialist' Is Far Too Relatable

"When art meets texts from your existential dread"
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NSFW, Tinder, Art, Satire, Dating, Dating Apps, Art, Conversation, Unsolicited | vintage art couple lounging in a blooming park have thing self- important fat chicks. Wow so sweet.

Artist Turns Unsolicited Tinder Messages Into Creative Satirical Masterpieces

And they say romance is dead...
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