Women Poke Fun At How Inaccurately Their Professions Are Portrayed In Media

Everything always looks better in the movies. Women have naturally blown-out hair, flawless skin, and super cool professions that they're crazy passionate about. In the media world, there's never a dull day at work, which we all know couldn't be farther from the truth. A Reddit user started a thread about what media gets wrong about people's jobs, and the women of Reddit really pulled through on this one. Scroll down to find out if everything you've been seeing in the movies has been one big lie. 

Reddit thread about how the media portrays professions inaccurately | thumbnail text - 2 drunkenknitter 1 day ago I'm a librarian. I have literally never touched a physical book in my job. I don't have cats. I'm not shy and withdrawn. The cardigans are pretty spot on though.
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