People Tweet Bad Ways Their Parents Apologize

For some reason, parents have a hard time apologizing. It's like they see it as a sign of weakness or something. Maybe it's that generation, or perhaps it's something you develop as soon as you have a child, but whatever the reason behind it, it's not the best trait to pass down to your kids. Everyone should be able to humble themselves and apologize when they know they're wrong, but a tweet saying "apologize like your parents, go" has proved just how hard parents find it to apologize — or more accurately, not apologize. Scroll down to see how similar your parents are to these peoples' or whether you're part of the lucky few who are blessed with emotionally healthy parents who can admit when they're wrong.

funny tweets about bad ways parents apologize - cover pic tweet about parents ignoring then suddenly speaking to them again | @nour_xo789 Replying flstinifaerie *ignores 2-3 business days, huffing and puffing, not answering speak them, then magically starts talking
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