Woman Dresses Up As Her Favorite Characters For Creative Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy is a time when your body goes through many changes, both physically and hormonally. Many women document the progression of their pregnancy but one woman did it in the most creative way. Grace Horine, a photographer from Barcelona who lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Brennan, created weekly pregnancy updates on Instagram that combined their love of Disney, Harry Potter, and The Office. Each week, Grace dressed up as a character from one of their favorite shows and posed next to a chalkboard which listed what trimester and week of her pregnancy she was as well as indicating the baby's size and a quote that usually had something to do with whatever character she was portraying. What an original to document her beautiful journey to motherhood. Check out the pictures below, including one of gorgeous baby Charlotte who is in the final photograph. 

woman favorite character pregnancy instagram pregnant announcement the office Harry potter woman dressed up | Schrute Baby Honine 14 WEEKS, Sge itty higi beet 1398- 1247o IThis baby will lead millions TRIMESTER 2 | Baby Horine 37 WEEKS Sige Highligi, 191n-6.3 lbs 50 points if get through my moms bely toilet seat TRIMESTER 3
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