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How ANTM Would Crush The Delicate Souls Of Disney Princesses

America's Next Top Model has been on the air for years, and there's no rush like watching runway queen Tyra Banks decide who's fierce enough to make it in the cutthroat world of modeling.  This season, Tyra's going beyond the borders of our reality and into the animated world of—that's right—the Disney Princesses. Who better to bring fab fashion and fierce competition to the screen than these iconic animated ladies? So let's take a look—if this season aired, who would be cut and which princesses would have what it takes to go all the way to the top?

If Disney Princesses Were On America's Next Top Model | thumbnail now Whit She's the fairest in the land, and certainly in the room, so as part of her makeover Tyra orders a spray tan. It looks terrible and gets her cut in the first episode. Well, that and her complete lack of personality. And the fact that she has 7 short guys following her around set all the time. She's not exactly a fan favorite.
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