Allergies are sensitivities to various substances throughout the environment. Common allergens include pollen and certain foods, allergies are very common and can affect about 20% of the population. 

Woman Receives Felony After Lying To Roommate About Breakfast Ingredients, Nearly Killing Her | thumbnail text - Posted by u/throw_onceuponatime 8 months ago AITA for filing charges against my roommate and suing her for my hospital bill? Everyone Sucks That's how I met Erin. Before she moved in she informed me that she was vegetarian but she wouldn't have a problem if other roommates weren't. She moved into our apartment a month later.

Woman Lies To Roommate About Food Ingredients, Nearly Kills Her, Receives Felony

The roommate from hell
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Spring season starter pack | thumbnail text - floral print dress and allergy relief

Everything You Need For Hot Girl Spring Season

Flowers everywhere
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