Woman Lies To Roommate About Food Ingredients, Nearly Kills Her, Receives Felony

It seems like everybody has some kind of food allergy these days. Suddenly nobody can drink milk anymore and everybody complains about their stomach after gluten. Maybe we are getting weaker as a species or maybe were just realizing the kinds of things that we put in our bodies and how they affect us. Regardless of how you feel about food allergies and sensitivities, it's best to just assume that they are lethal or else things can get very dark very quickly. On Reddit's 'Am I the A-Hole' page, a woman asked if she was in the wrong for filing charges against her roommate for her hospital bill. There is definitely more to this story, let's get into it.

Woman Receives Felony After Lying To Roommate About Breakfast Ingredients, Nearly Killing Her | thumbnail text - Posted by u/throw_onceuponatime 8 months ago AITA for filing charges against my roommate and suing her for my hospital bill? Everyone Sucks That's how I met Erin. Before she moved in she informed me that she was vegetarian but she wouldn't have a problem if other roommates weren't. She moved into our apartment a month later.
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