My Dating Nightmare: Real Women Reveal Discoveries Of Ex's Cheating

Finding out that your boyfriend or husband has been cheating on you is devastating, whatever the circumstances. But sometimes, the truth is so ridiculously stupid, that it's almost funny. Maybe. Sort of. 

Together with The Single Society, we bring you funny, cringe-worthy, and ridiculous stories from real women who discovered that their exes were cheating on them. From finding out he's sleeping with your boss's sister, to meeting their other girlfriend while you're both bailing him out of jail, these stories will make you cringe on behalf of these pathetic men. Enjoy!

real women reveal ex's cheating stories - cover pic woman describing husband cheating o valentines day | For Valentine's Day, my husband gave me a nice card. The only problem was he accidentally gave me the one intended for his mistress. I filed for divorce that week. IT'S NOT CONSIDERED CREATING IF you ARE A SEX ADDICT
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